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Siding repair is one of those annoying home improvement projects that you really can’t ignore for too long. Old siding panels can fade, crack, split, or even leave gaping holes, allowing your home to be open to the elements, and all manners of outside critters. This can severely affect your electric bill, by letting the inside air out, and allowing the outside air in. Not to mention when it rains or snows, that moisture can seep through into the interior of your home. None of these are desirable events, not to mention the effect damaged panels can have on your home value.

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Damaged panels can make a house seem run down, and not well taken care of- which may be the last thing from the truth. Old panels can rot, and wear down after years of exposure to the elements. If you’ve lived in your home for decades and never repaired your siding, it may be time to call us. Don’t let damaged panels ruin your curb appeal- give our skilled siding contractors a call and we’ll fix your home right up. Every home is different, so we may employ any number of techniques to repair your siding, and leave your home more durable than we left it. It’s important to take care of your home, and ensure that it’s protected against the elements and outdoors. If it looks like some panels may be cracked or splitting, that’s a sign that they may have been nailed incorrectly, or have not worn well over years of usage. We can take care of those issues quickly- give us a call and we’ll take the time to go over your project and give you a free estimate on the repair! 

Siding repair in Wilmington NC is what we do, so if any of your panels are looking a little worse for wear, give us a call today. Oftentimes the repair may be a simple fix that our siding contractors can mend in no time. Expert installation of any type of siding panels is the key to long lasting placement, so let us know if you think that any of your original panels were installed incorrectly, and we’ll come check it out. Holes, wear, insect damage- these are all things than can hurt the integrity of your siding installation, and can lead to higher power bills, moisture, etc. Our contractors are well versed in siding repair and can have your home back to looking its best, as soon as you call Wilmington Siding.